Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh, and ever so by the way...

This is what came out of the wet and smelly mess below. Looks good, no? It's a birthday present for a friend (I reckon that if home-dyed, self-striping cashmere sock yarn isn't enough to turn someone into a wool-head, nothing is), but I almost don't have the heart to give it away. It reminds me of late august, blackberries and raspberries giving colour to the whipped cream by which they could be surrounded - I almost want to eat it! Fortunately, I can just dye some more...

And here is what a huge relief looks like. Last time I went to Angola to visit my dad, there was nothing but trouble with the tickets and we (me and my two travelmates whom I hardly knew) had to catch a later flight because of it and yadayada-f*cking-yada! So when I saw these babies in the mailbox a stone just fell from my heart. Good stuff - Luanda, here I come!

Do you remember this fella? That was a picture of me getting Lucky. Lucky from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation that is. Not bad, is it? Only trouble is that is has a nasty habit of falling from my shoulder, but I think I can fix that with some hooks and eyelets in the inner side seam. I made it with 9 balls of Blend Bamboo from Hjertegarn. It's dead nice and soft now that it's knitted up, but jebus, is it a pain to knit with! It splits like absolutely crazy to the point where I wondered if it was actually yarn or just a random collection of threads.
Next sweater project? A green Rosa from Rowan Magazine #35 made with free work-yarn. Oooh, the joy of threading 4,000 tiny beads onto string!

Oh, and a last thing. By now, it's hardly news that DR2 has started sending The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but can I just express my joy anyway? I'm beginning to think that I have a thing for that guy, so much that when I saw this YouTube-clip with him talking about his kids, it made me think "Mmm... procreation is hott!"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just a few things...

On working in a yarn shop: Pretty good stuff, so far at least. Free yarn for 2 work sweaters every year, plus damn nifty discounts. Nice people, both staff and customers. Good coffee from a weird machine. Yarn! Mmmm!

On the Nørrebro-riots: This has to be the coolest picture taken during the demolition.

On dying your own yarn: Addictive! Smelly, but addictive.

On how life is... Not bad, I think! Did I mention the yarn?!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

She got the clap so many times, it amounted to applause

Or, actually, I just finished my first Clapotis (this here being and unblocked version), so no standing ovations just yet. But I had to do it sometime, no? All the other kids are doing it n all...
The yarn is my own handpainted single-ply silk, knitted up on 5mm needles.
I really liked the pattern, there really is something strangely satisfying about dropping stitches on purpose. However, I don't really know about the yarn. Especially the colour. I don't know... it's just very colour-y and I'm not sure I'm a colour-y person! Also, it sheds all over the goddamn place and with the amount of black I wear that's just not a good thing.
But anyway, my mother says she wants it, so it's not the end of the world.

By the way, don't you just looove easily satisfied urges? Like today, when I woke up and all I wanted was buttered toast. I mean, that's ace! When is buttered toast not easily available? Excellent, I say.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's start! Let's start a riot!

Right, if you've been living under a rock (or got hit by one), you might not have noticed that the users of Ungdomshuset was evicted by the police yesterday. I've written about this before and rest assured, bricks or no bricks, I'm still on the side of the squatters. I'm generally pretty damn sick of listening to people droning on and on about how the squatters don't respect the laws of our society - what part of "revolutionary" is it that you c***s don't understand? It's absurd to expect people recognise the rules of the society they want to throw over, to expect them to play by these rules to change the society they don't respect. And the worst is when I hear the argument "But these rules are the base of our society! If everyone did like you, society would crumble!" - that's sort of the entire point, see?
Essentially, the argument comes down to that you want people to act according to your rules because you say so - and you have the police backing you up wielding guns, batons and Mace. That's fine by me, if only you'd admit it; it not about justice, it's about power.
Also, I'm looking forward to see what the police means when they say they found a flamethrower in the house. If this time is anything like their usual way of handling the truth, when you see flamethrower, you should read "we found a lighter next to a bottle of hairspray".

On a lighter and more bourgeois note, I just got a job in a yarn shop! Yay!