Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ack, I'm really not a good blogger these days, huh? Today, all I can manage is comments, sorry.
  • Rosa has been finished for quite some time actually. But I'm afraid I just can't be bothered to model her, let alone wash her before I took this picture. She's a pretty girl, tho'.

    Pattern: Rosa from Rowan magazine no. 35
    Yarn: 5 balls of Gepard Cotton Baby in colour 187
    Beads: G├╝termann washable seed beads in colour 8061. Dunno how many. Lots!

  • My mother's getting married (for the first time) in August. This is my bridesmaid's dress. Pretty, isn't it? Fingers crossed that it doesn't mean bad luck for anyone to see that one.

  • There's a lighthouse outside my living room window. A crane came Thursday and put it into place. I'm still confuzzled, but hey, it should make drunkely finding my way home a lot easier!

  • A Milky moved into my house. Unfortunately, no Graham Coxon came along with him, but maybe I'll make him a Miss Milky, so he won't feel so alone. Light yellow polymer clay might be trickier to find, though? I dunno. Templates at Milky Fan, if you want your own.

  • I was watching 24 Hour Party People the other day (or actually, just the first half, it's just not entirely as good after Shaun Ryder's killed those pigeons, is it? That scene, however, is one of the funniest, ever) and today I just saw the trailer for Anton Corbijn's Joy Division-movie Control (it looks fantastic, by the way) and I was just thinking; which Joy Division-single do you prefer? I say Transmission, it's one of the few songs that just keeps getting to me every time.