Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh, and ever so by the way...

This is what came out of the wet and smelly mess below. Looks good, no? It's a birthday present for a friend (I reckon that if home-dyed, self-striping cashmere sock yarn isn't enough to turn someone into a wool-head, nothing is), but I almost don't have the heart to give it away. It reminds me of late august, blackberries and raspberries giving colour to the whipped cream by which they could be surrounded - I almost want to eat it! Fortunately, I can just dye some more...

And here is what a huge relief looks like. Last time I went to Angola to visit my dad, there was nothing but trouble with the tickets and we (me and my two travelmates whom I hardly knew) had to catch a later flight because of it and yadayada-f*cking-yada! So when I saw these babies in the mailbox a stone just fell from my heart. Good stuff - Luanda, here I come!

Do you remember this fella? That was a picture of me getting Lucky. Lucky from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation that is. Not bad, is it? Only trouble is that is has a nasty habit of falling from my shoulder, but I think I can fix that with some hooks and eyelets in the inner side seam. I made it with 9 balls of Blend Bamboo from Hjertegarn. It's dead nice and soft now that it's knitted up, but jebus, is it a pain to knit with! It splits like absolutely crazy to the point where I wondered if it was actually yarn or just a random collection of threads.
Next sweater project? A green Rosa from Rowan Magazine #35 made with free work-yarn. Oooh, the joy of threading 4,000 tiny beads onto string!

Oh, and a last thing. By now, it's hardly news that DR2 has started sending The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but can I just express my joy anyway? I'm beginning to think that I have a thing for that guy, so much that when I saw this YouTube-clip with him talking about his kids, it made me think "Mmm... procreation is hott!"