Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's start! Let's start a riot!

Right, if you've been living under a rock (or got hit by one), you might not have noticed that the users of Ungdomshuset was evicted by the police yesterday. I've written about this before and rest assured, bricks or no bricks, I'm still on the side of the squatters. I'm generally pretty damn sick of listening to people droning on and on about how the squatters don't respect the laws of our society - what part of "revolutionary" is it that you c***s don't understand? It's absurd to expect people recognise the rules of the society they want to throw over, to expect them to play by these rules to change the society they don't respect. And the worst is when I hear the argument "But these rules are the base of our society! If everyone did like you, society would crumble!" - that's sort of the entire point, see?
Essentially, the argument comes down to that you want people to act according to your rules because you say so - and you have the police backing you up wielding guns, batons and Mace. That's fine by me, if only you'd admit it; it not about justice, it's about power.
Also, I'm looking forward to see what the police means when they say they found a flamethrower in the house. If this time is anything like their usual way of handling the truth, when you see flamethrower, you should read "we found a lighter next to a bottle of hairspray".

On a lighter and more bourgeois note, I just got a job in a yarn shop! Yay!