Monday, February 05, 2007

Stupid girl

Ah yes, the blog. I would like to say that I've been busy, but I am afraid I'd be lying, I'm not really doing anything these days apart from sleeping and playing Bejeweled 2, sad bastard that I am.
I did however find the time to knit these Cablenet socks from the Fall 2006 Knitty. Now, besides the fact that they're not blocked and I chose a really bad combination of pattern and yarn, obscuring both how nice a yarn Black Purl actually is and the tiny cables that are actually a pain in the arse to knit, do you see what's wrong here? That's right, I forgot a pattern repeat in the sock on the right! In the cuff, no less. Sigh. Do reckon it would be possible to rip down the left sock from the top and then do a new rib? Because, honestly, there is no f***ing way that I am ripping the whole foot back on number 2.
More FO's coming shortly. Possibly.