Friday, February 16, 2007

Once you go black...

In a winter like this, which Politiken, I think it was, described fittingly as "not really winter as much as a constant shower with your clothes on", I don't really think that being Scandinavian is as much fun as it usually is. It might be the eskimo blood in my veins, or, in lack thereof, the eighth of Polish blood (I'm afraid that my greatgrandmother, Pelargia, is the most exotic branch in a family tree made up by almost exclusively southern Danes - not very exciting!) longing for a continental climate and subzero temperatures.
Anyway, right now I find that the best thing about being Scandinavian is the salty liquorice - mmmm, ammonium chloride for breakfast!
I think that Super Piratos are the only thing currently on the market with exactly the legal percentage of ammonium chloride (too much of the stuff can cause high blood pressure and, in children still growing, damage to the bones), but when I was a kid, my mother was crazy for a particular kind called Vampires that (at least in our town) you could only get at Wohlenberg, a local shop selling wine, spirits, tobacco and, of course, sweets. I could really do with a trip to that shop right now - it still smells like it did when I was five!
But I digress - at some point Vampires became illegal under some EU directive or other, because they contained too much ammonium chloride, but right now I could really, really do with one! I've seen you can get sets to make your own salty liquorice - maybe that's an option if I feel a bit like gambling with my health? Hmm...
Byt the way, can you tell in what the salty fish is blobbing around?