Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Angst in my pants

I'm not really sure how you can not like snow. Here we have last week's (and apparently, if you are to believe the media, this century's worst) Danish blizzard. Come on, it's not like I have a mighty interesting view from the living room window, but still, it's sooooo pweeetty!
However, now the thaw is coming on and that's one thing I really don't enjoy. Lots of weather types can be annoying to be sure, but thaw is the only one that really strikes me as gross. It just makes everything look like a soggy, filthy rag. Yuk, I say.

Another yuk was when I spent some indoor time (apparently, not many of my friends could see the appeal of throwing themselves down a snow-clad hill on something like this. Seriously, I want that one!) dying 500 grammes of silk. Goddamn, have you got any idea how bad that stuff smells when you soak it?! Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the finished product juuust yet, only soggy yarn in a colander (why is that such a funny word? Colandercolandercolander), but as of now, I'm in the midst of knitting it into a Clapotis.
Right, I'm off. I need to get my bike to a check-up. Tonight is Gilmore Girls-night, ever so by the way. Last week saw Lorelai pouring coffee over a wedding dress to the sound of what immediately after became my favourite song of the week, Angst in my Pants by Sparks. I love that show.