Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I'm really tired right now and I'd just like to say that I'd really like to think that the police are here to protect us n all, but... Well, basically, I distrust anyone whose instinct to the imperative form of verbs isn't "Uhm... I think not?" and even more so when you see clips like these two. Clip one. Clip two.
In the first you see an officer lifting his baton over his head only to use it to hammer it down on a demonstrator who is sitting down. In the second you see other officers use a leglock on a guy, one of the officers pressing his knee against the demonstrator's back. This move can cause asphyxiation and heart failure (husker du Benjamin?).
In both cases, I'd just like to know; What the f*** are you people thinking?!

EDIT: The first link is now actually working.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The fantastic thing about the female...

Kristian has decided to throw down the gauntlet on behalf of the baby boys in the ultimate fight of who are the cutest; baby boys or baby girls? Well, naturally, I respect that Kristian would be a rather rubbish parent if he didn't find his own kid the cutest baby around, but if you go down to cold, hard numbers, then you just have to face that baby boys on average spend more time screaming and they learn to walk and talk later than the girls. When they grow into children, they'll have shittier, more boring toys, run around the house trying to shoot things and - worst of all - when they become teenagers, you get to throw their jerk-off socks in washer!
Anyway, none of this really matter, because I can say, objectively and completely without bias, that my little sister, Frederikke, was the cutest baby ever. Just lo and behold, Drooling Beauty!

Aww bless, no? Sorry about the crappy quality of the pic, I had to take a picture of a paper photo and it turned out to be a bit tricky...

Speaking of things that make you go "aww bless", I'm seriously considering getting a cat. When I lived at home, we've pretty much had cats since I was born (Rocky, Buster, Milla, Gina and the current one, a Persian longhair that we took over from someone else who had given it the same name as my brother. So, in a stroke of naming genius, it's just called Misser (Kitty)) and now, having lived without a cat for two years, I'm kinda missing it.
So, I spent all of yesterday googling pictures of itty bitty tabby kittens, which I really have to stop doing, because it's making me cat broody and I'll end up doing something rash! But awww... kittens!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The return of the thin, white duchess... oh wait...

It's very nice of Clementine to want my 'crazy tales' back, but, alas, for the time being, there are very few of them; I finished my paper on time (although not without hysterics and gnashing of teeth) and then the new semester started and since then, I've mostly been exercising my duties as Queen of Naps.
I went to see my friend, Camilla, who about a month ago gave birth to a girl called Kornelia and a very lovely girl she was - nothing like anything from The Exorcist, fortunately.
Camilla, by the way, had been asked whether she wanted to pose for Agent Provocateur's maternity line. In the end, when everything fell into place, they apparently couldn't use her, because she was "too pregnant" (and, indeed, the model they ended up using isn't very far along, is she?), but the fact that Agent Provocateur makes leopard print feeding bras has got to be the coolest child-related thing ever!
Another cool thing are these necklaces that I just found on Etsy - they might be a bit hippy-ish, but I'm very enamoured of the stained-glass ones!

That's it for now, keep your fingers crossed that my paper will come through!