Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm very sober and very, very bored

Now, there are few ways to ruin your day like spending it at my work. I know I probably don't look too busy, but I am, you know. I'm solving sudokus (made it to evil-level) and knitting, IM'ing my friends and reading the paper, I have things to do! And then there's all these people asking me questions... "Do you know where I can find the Tivoli Gardens?", "Is there a toilet my toddler can use? He/she/it's bursting.", "The machine ate my credit card, can I please get it back?". So silly, it should be bloody well obvious that the answer to all of these questions is "NO! Now leave me alone!". F***ing tourists. And natives.
So anyway, I'm tired and cranky, how are you? I'm planning on doing some comfort shopping Monday and buy these shoes. Purdy, yes? No? Well, I have slutty taste in shoes, what can you do... However, I think they will go nicely with Ysolda's Matilda Jane cardigan which I am planning to knit in black and white.

And when you're cranky, there's nothing like knowing that there are sadder bastards than you out there. Take Mads Langer, for example. If you don't kow him, he's the guy with the dreadful, awful, terribly appalling Breaking News-song (you can listen to it on his website, if you're luck enough to not have heard it). Anyway, this Thursday, ickle Mads did a show on Danish radio. Bad enough as it is, however, it gets worse when he decides to play Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine as you can witness for yourself here if you scroll to about 45 minutes into the clip. Hint: If you're a sissy from Skive ("it's about politics and, like, stuff"), Killing in the Name is not the best choice for a cover, but as I understand, it was chosen for him by the radio listeners, so I'm going to let that slide. However, standing there with your little sissy voice and then go "I want everybody to f*** me up. Let me see your fingers! F*** me, f*** me!", that's not a good idea. Ever! Unless, of course, you are a member of Rockbitch.
It's actually a bit sad, because I think that Mads Langer has some potential as a pretty boy, it's just too bad that every time he opens his mouth, you want to beat the crap out of him. He's sort of like the male Gwyneth Paltrow that way.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When you're coming back, if you're coming back

I'm back, I hope you all had a nice Easter. I spent mine doing mostly nothing and then visiting my parents in their respective parts of western Denmark. Thursday, I went to my dad's new house which is in... Well, actually, I'm still not too sure where it was, but it was somewhere i the northern part of Jutland around 50 kilometres from anything remotely like civilisation. It's a nice house and all, it's just that I have a slight phobia towards the combination of trees and darkness (yes, I do realize that it's silly), so putting me in a house surrounded by just that is maybe not the best idea in the world. Also, I'm just not too keen on the countryside. Fair enough if you like living there, but I just prefer having street lights in the vicinity and the fact that I don't have a driver's license and need people to drive me more or less everywhere if I wanted to go, it just makes me feel sort of trapped.
Anyway, I spent some of the time knitting socks, as you can see. The one on the left is part of a pair of Jaywalkers and the pink one on the right (in a colour a so-called friend of mine subtly described as "red wine vomit") is a Broadripple.
I bought the yarn for both pairs at The Natural Dye Studio and even though both colours should have been spun from the same kind of wool, the blue ones are really soft, while the pink ones are a bit itchy. Strange.
And judging by the pallor of my legs, it should go ahead and be summer pretty darn soon, I must be needing vitamin D or something. Knowing me, though, I won't get as far as an actual tan, I'll just go from blue to white. From Smurfette to... oh, I don't know what.

Speaking of knitting (-ish), I'm really not very impressed with the spring issue of Knitty. It's just not very good, is it? The only thing I can see myself knitting are the Hedera socks by Cookie who also designed the Pomatomus socks that I knitted in December.

Anyway, I also went to visit my mother in S√łnderborg and to go to my family's Easter breakfast. Family gatherings with my family are usually a great source for gossip, but this year nothing really crazy happened unless you count the phone with MMS-jokes about and pictures of anal sex that was passed around. So charming.
Anyway, the Easter breakfast used to be the day where I would just eat loads and loads of candy, but apparently now I'm "too old". It's most sad, because I have a thing for Kinder chocolate that I should've grown out of years ago but somehow just haven't, and Easter used to be a great excuse for eating loads of that. Oh well. In the evening, my sister, Frederikke (on the left), had our cousin, Johannah (right), over to play geishas. Geishas aren't too fond of chocolate, I learned, so while they were nibbling at their sushi (carefully arranged cucumber slices) I got to eat a bit of theirs. Just another reason why they're the only two kids I like.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Angry young women

Right now, there's a debate going on in Denmark on whether or not it's ok that public service channel DR2 has hired a scarf-wearing Muslim woman called Asmaa Abdol-Hamid to be one of the two hosts on a debate programme about the divide between the Islamic and the Western world recently revealed (or made more evident) by the cartoon crisis.
Now, I will readily admit that I have yet to see the show, so some of you might think that I should just keep quiet, however I'm right now really, really annoyed with a doctor called Vibeke Manniche who's leading an initiative ironically called Kvinder for Frihed (Women for Freedom). Most of all she reminds me of when I read The Handmaid's Tale in high school. There's an episode where one of the figures, called a martha, if I remember it correctly, who's sort of a mixture between a chaperone and a policewoman, talks about the freedom from and freedom to. In the fictional future society described in The Handmaid's Tale, women are free from a lot of things, like pornography and worrying about decision making, while they are no longer free to do other things, like going out to bars or choosing the man they want to be with.
While I don't actually think that Vibeke Manniche want to deny women the right to go out to a bar, it just gets me angry when she wants Asmaa Abdol-Hamid fired because she wears a scarf. Wearing a head scarf is supposedly a practice that is oppressive of women and hosts on a publically owned channel should not be allowed to propagandate this oppression.
Now, I agree with the last part. I just have a really hard time seeing how a thing can be oppressive by default? Just like I don't understand how bras, make-up, stilettos or even porn and prostitution (yes, a bit of a leap there) can be oppressive by default. Do I think that it's wrong if women (or men) are forced to do porn or be prostitutes? Well, obviously. Any sane person would. Do I think it's wrong if women are forced to wear a scarf? Yes, I do, but not any more wrong than if they're forced to wear bras or any other piece of clothes or whatever. But the key word here is force. I think force (be it force as in holding a gun to someone's head or force of economic deprevation) is oppressive, not things.
And I just get terribly annoyed when women like Vibeke Manniche are taking someone's oppression as given, just because she doesn't agree with what they do or wear. And I get especially annoyed when she wants sanctions against this person because of this disagreement and then calls it freedom. Or feminism. Because it's f***ing not.
Oppression of women is wrong, dead wrong, but it doesn't get any more right or any less oppressive just because middle class bitches like Vibeke Manniche dictates its terms or chooses to disregard what other women see as choice. Choice to wear whatever you want, shake hands with whomever you want and blow whomever you want in front of as many cameras as you see fit.
If you made to here, I salute you. In short, I just wanted to say that people who pass judgement (actual judgement, not the kind of "Oh come on, there must be a law against those freaks from the Black Eyed Peas!"-kind of judgement of which I myself am very guilty) against other people legitimate, self-concerning choices piss me off. Rant over.