Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I need high heels just to stand up

Wa-hey, the medals just arrived at the Harlot. Glory glory.... me!
And even though it's not like I need any more shawls, I just ordered the pattern for this. Pretty, eh? Like the last one, I'm not sure I'll actually wear it, but it should be a fun knit.

Speaking of challenges, if any of you people can guess why my template looks all funny with the sidebar at the bottom when you see it in Explorer, could you please let me know? Because then I'll try to fix it. Alternatively, you could just switch to Firefox, but hey...

And just before I leave, I just want to say: I <3 the internet. Grrr! It's like being a kid in a candy store. Except I can't have any of that candy which is a bit of a bummer (pun sort of intended, although I know it was crap... I blame fatigue. And the parents. Anyone's).

Friday, February 24, 2006

Going for gold, part V - gold obtained

Right, it's been a bit messy 'round here the last week, but I managed to finish knitting my shawl on Monday and then it's just been laying around waiting to be blocked. This is what it looked like then:
Big (or actually rather small-ish) ol' crumpled up piece of not-very-nice-ness. That wouldn't do, that wouldn't do at all, also because the Yarn Harlot clearly stated that just as the marathon runner needed to cross the finish line, the shawl had to be blocked.
I don't have a spray bottle, so pin and spritz is not really an option for me. So I threw the thing down a colander (wool is fragile when wet, so it's a good idea with some support for it. Also, I just think that 'colander' is a funny word. Colandercolandercolander. Anyway...) and submerged it. Ah, submerging. The joy. Is there anything quite like holding someon.... I mean, something under water until he's... it's (dammit) ready to do what you want it to do?
More specifically, this is what I wanted my shawl to do. If holding something underwater doesn't do the trick entirely, the next step is to shove him... oh crap... it full of tiny pins so it can't move a muscle or, in this case, pattern repeat. Do it on your bed, you won't be disappointed, I promise.
And then, if you work hard (seriously, shut up, I do work hard sometimes. I do too!), this is what you'll have in the end. That and a totally well-deserved gold medal, seeing as I'm, to the best of my knowledge, the first of the ones who are knitting this shawl to finish (there are 2 or 3 knitting it who aren't blogging and I don't really know how far they've made it). Also, go me for getting Denmark its first gold medal during these Winter Olympics (I told you the curling chicks were crap. Honestly, what do you expect from Danish girls called Denise? How white trash can you get?). Anyway, quick facts:
Pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl from Sivia Harding.
Needles: 3.0 mm straights (I'd recommend circulars and the pattern does too, but the ones I had were painstakingly rubbish) and 4.5 mm double pointed needle (for brilliantly conceived i-cord edging)
Yarn: 3 skeins of Alpaca in colour 4400 from Garnstudio.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Going for gold, part IV - don't say forget it

Right, according to my super-accurate calculations and finger-counting, I should now have knitted 22,347 stitches and have 11,290 to go. Should be easy as pie, yes? No pictures, because, well, they're boring - I'm still on the straights, so it's really just one big crumpled up piece of fabric right now... and heavy as hell! The fingers on my left hand have a nice blue stripe from the yarn now, it's really not very pretty. Oh well.
I've been watching a bit of the other Olympics this weekend and not even figure skating (there was ice dancing this Friday, but I honestly find that a bit blech - I prefer the jumps!) - I'm pretty hooked on the snowboarding. I've always kinda wanted to learn how to skateboard, but I just don't really seem to have the balance for that. Snowboarding just looks ace and an athlete called The Flying Tomato (or Il Pomodoro Volante in Italy) who does his routine to Back in Black by AC/DC? I mean, how cool is that? Also, it was a bit fun to see Lindsey Jacobellis mess up her 50 metre lead in the boardcross final by doing a show off grab just before the finish line. She probably kicked herself afterwards, but still... it takes some style, you wouldn't see 'em do that in the Nordic combined or something.
In general, I just prefer winter sports. Obviously, curling and hockey are boring as hell, but I like the figure skating and the ski jumps and all of it. Maybe it's because winter sports are the only ones I've ever been able to do without feeling like a prat. The one time I went skiing, fell and rolled 50 metres down a slope to end up lying spread-eagled on the ground excepted, that is!

Anyway, neither knitting nor sports tonight, I'm going to see Editors. Should be good!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Going for gold, part III - leave it for the other girls to play

Ah, un-blocked lace, isn't it frightfully exciting? I know, you can barely contain yourselves, can you? This is how it looks if you're not a lazy bastard with your photographs. The red thread doesn't mean that my shawl is taking Kabbalah lessons, it's just a lifeline. I should be less lazy with those as well.
By the way, everyone knows that you shouldn't run with scissors, but did you know that it is also a bad idea to run with coffee? In your flat? Oh, you did? It's just me, then. Carry on!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Going for gold, part II

So, this is what we have now. I had to shift to some cheap-ass aluminium straight needles I had kicking around because the stitches kept getting caughton the join between cord and needle on my circular and it was driving me absolutely crazy. I don't really know what I'll do when I get to the longer rows, because I'm not to sure my straights are going to be long enough to keep the stitches from tipping off the edge and going back to those circulars makes me want to cry. Also, just ignore the fact that right now it looks like the front of a size XL-thong right now, it'll get better. I'm not really sure I can see myself actually wearing this, though - maybe I'll give it to my mother.
And on a totally unrelated note, the drain from my tub seems to sort of clogged, probably by a giant disgusting hair ball. Oh well... knit first, then fix plumbing with metal coat hanger!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Going for gold, part I

See? See this? That's about five hours of work. Do you see the problem? The "that's about 10 inches at the top, I need to get it to 78 and study as well" problem? Remind me again, why am I talking to you people? I'm off, 60 pages of economics, then work where I can knit. Hopefully.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Already late

Right, the rules say that you can cast on at 2PM in your time zone, so technically, I've had 7½ hours where I've been allowed to start, but didn't. I can't figure out when the f***ing flame is lit, I haven't got the time to sit through the entire Opening Ceremony as I was supposed to be at a party 45 minutes ago so I just cast on now. It was three stitches, it was during the Ceremony and I won't be getting a head start because of it. Right. I tried really f***ing hard to take pictures of my hands holding the needles but it's just im-bloody-f***ing-possible. Right. OK. I really need to go now! Bye!

Faster, higher, stronger

Right, just did my shopping for the Olympics and I think that I am just about ready now. There's Pingvin Mix, because we were making jokes about that after the movie yesterday, peanut-M&M's because... uhm, they're just good, you know? Marabou milk-chocolate, because it's the solid workhorse of chocolates and then Lindt dark orange chocolate with splits of almonds, because, well, I dunno, it's just pretty good - if Marabou is the husband you keep coming back to (yes, I know I just said it was a solid workhorse, but it's essentially the same thing if you're married to the right man), then dark chocolate is the lover who's seductive and nice to visit sometimes, but you wouldn't want to live with him. In the corner we have Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate. I haven't really figured out how to knit and eat ice cream at the same time, but I'm sure I'll find a way! Also, a friend recommended it to me as "frozen chocolate mousse" and if it all goes wrong, I'll blame the ice cream (I bought it instead of the Ben & Jerry's I would usually buy) and thus blame him (what do you mean it doesn't work that way? Of course it does)! Oh yeah, and pattern, yarn and needles. Should be good!

It's just a lie, you don't travel light

I went to see March of the Penguins yesterday as a friend of mine had free tickets and we thought we might as well. For those of you who haven't heard of it (it might just be me who hadn't till this Monday), it's a documentary about the penguins in Antarctica who come up of the sea, waddle 120 kilometres to get to this one special island where they mate, the mother waddles 120 kilometres back to sea to eat, waddle 120 kilometres back to where daddy penguin has been keeping the egg warm and not eating for 4 months, then they have little baby penguins, daddy penguin waddles 120 kilometres back to sea to eat and the 120 kilometres back again and then the mother can waddle the 120 kilometres once more! All this is accompanied by (in Denmark) Sofie Gråbøl and Søren Sætter-Lassen pretending to be Mr and Mrs Penguin in a very... uhm, I dunno, a very felt way, ie. they talk a lot about death and now we make love (penguins don't make love!) and now we wander and oh, hello, my little Son of Winter.
Contrary to what you might think now, I didn't exactly dislike the movie. Face it, penguins are hilarious; they walk funny, they shoot up the water to belly-flop on land and sometimes they slip on the ice and that's also pretty funny. There's loads of this, 1½ hour in fact and there's also some great cinematography going on, but if it hadn't been for all the pretty pictures, I would have just been waiting for the silent "crrrrrr" of the movie projector in the back of the classroom!

Also, this might be my very blonde side showing, and, yes I realize that I'm nearly 24 and yes, it's probably embarassing, but I just don't get how birds procreate! Birds or any other animal whose offspring come out of eggs, like snakes - especially snakes! I mean, how does it work? Do they just slither up and down one another or what? I just don't get it... the hard eggs, how does the spunk get in there and all? And how do birds get it on? The way the penguins did it, it just looked like standing sort of close and then bopping their heads up and down and it just seems terribly inefficient, you know? I realize that I could just look it up on Wikipedia, but that wouldn't make for a very good post, would it?

Anyway, the Olympics start tonight. Both the Knitting ones and the other ones... you know, the ones with, like, 1,000 fewer contestants (no, really)! I'll cast on when the flame is lit so expect a lot of swearing and talk about alpacas and chocolate. See you there.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

For all you're worth, then no more

Just a short post before I go to bed. You can generate a word cloud from your blog by going here. You can also get a T-shirt printed with your word cloud if you are into that sort of thing. Anyway, here's mine (via JenLa):

Friday, February 03, 2006

Count your blessings and your sheep

Just as the "real" Winter Olympics has mascots (called Neve and Gliz, is that "Snow" and "Ice" in Italian, or?), I decided to get some as well. I bought them on Etsy, from Katie, and seriously, how cute are these things? They're very nice pets anyway - very clean! Haven't really decided what to name them yet. Fred and Ginger?

And I also just bought a cone of lambswool from eBay. It's Jaguar-green (that's the car, not the cat) and I plan to make something in the lines of this with it, if I can figure it out. Sorry about the weird proportions of the drawing, the stuff I make when I'm just doodling is usually ok, but I always run in to trouble when I try to draw on purpose, so to speak. Oh, and my dad just tells me that it's not actually called "Jaguar-green", but Old English Racing Green. Cool.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I need a holiday somewhere in the su-u-un

Finally finished Arisaig and just wanted to share... I did some pictures where you could see my face as well, but I just didn't like them, so you'll have to live with these, even it makes it look slightly like my boobs are in for a mugshot.
Anyway. On the table:

And on me:

And now I think I'll go change the music now - I've heard Advert by blur about 50 times in a row now. Bet my neighbours love me.