Monday, December 18, 2006

Riots, not diets, part II

Another thing I just want to add to the post below. It's not like I generally support riots as a way of expressing yourself - I just think that all these people coming out to say that the people in Ungdomshuset should "express themselves peacefully" and in accordance with democratic principles - well, I'm sorry but they've tried that, haven't they, and it didn't get them very far.
And these people are actually just the tip of the iceberg, I've seen a lot of blogposts, these last couple of days, calling the police "soft" and not understanding why the people arrested had to be released after just 24 hours (when they should obviously have been put to jail for life/shot in the kneecaps/what have you). Well, f*cking newsflash, they had to be released because it says so in the Danish constitution! You know, the constitution that also details the private property you're referring to every single time you want the kids to hand over the house to Ruth Evensen and her cronies?
Also, I've just about had it with news programmes interviewing the neighbours on Nørrebro. Of course I have no doubt that a lot of those people are sick to death of Ungdomshuset and no doubt it's a total bummer seeing burning barricades all over your neighbourhood, but the TV puts it out like it's all the neighbours who have lost their sympathies for Ungdomshuset, which I know for a fact is just not true!
A lot of people get on just fine with the activists and if you try and notice, nearly all the neighbours interviewed as opposed to Ungdomshuset look like newcomers. Now, every neighbourhood needs newcomers, but what pisses me off is when newcomers get angry at the customs of the neighbourhood they moved into. It can hardly be a surprise to you that if you move to Nørrebro, you have to deal with Ungdomshuset and as for the riots, have you newcomers not seen any news the last 20 years?! It's not like it's the first time Nørrebro has been the site of a riot, you had 18. maj (the 18th of May) 1993 after the second referendum on the Maastricht treaty, you had the squatting movement of the 80's - actually, you could argue that riots on Nørrebro is a tradition going back at least to the People's Strike of 1943! So don't come here saying that you didn't know what you went into!
This particular way of moving somewhere is a nasty trend that has come to Copenhagen maybe the last 10 or 15 years. How crazy is it that the bar owners in Nyhavn actually have to point out that if you move there, you can't exactly expect quiet nights? That place has been full of sailor joints since the 17th century!
Likewise for the neighbours on Vesterbro wanting to close down Mariatjenesten, a service connected to one of the local churches which has been helping the resident drug addicts since 1974 and also likewise for the absolutely insane people moving into apartments next to the harbour and then complaining about the noise the ships make - do you people even know why Copenhagen is here in the goddamn first place?!
Ah, rant over...