Saturday, December 09, 2006

C is for cookie

As you might have noticed, I've switched back to my old Blogger-template. Yeah, a gazillion other people have the same and, sure, it's not really very cool at all, but at the end of the day, the new template-editor just didn't come up with so many new possibilities that it was worth losing my comments for. In any case, I'm considering moving to a domain of my own, move to WordPress and get a proper template of my own. It's just that I'm so lazy. So don't get your hopes up.

Anyway, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas 'round here. First sign was when I ran amok in a slightly snazzy interior design shop in inner Copenhagen*. I don't exactly what the f*ck happened, but I shopped for an advent wreath that, if someone with actual skillz had done it, could've been in ALT for Damerne right between a diet promising you to lose 5 kilogrammes before the office Christmas party so you can squeeze down into the dress you can't afford on page 32 and an article on how to make the best chocolatecake ever for your night with the girls. Sorry, got sidetracked there, women's magazines are a pet hate of mine.
Anyway, as Kristian so nicely pointed out, it looks like I turned an angel into an angelic eunuk while snatching a couple of feathers - and because of the feathers, not only is it embarassing, it's also a f*cking fire hazard. Oh well...

Later last week, my mother and sister came over. It would've been nice, had my mother not fallen ill. But still, though, I got some quality time with the sis and we went to see Santa turn on the lights on the tree of the Town Hall Square, drank chai tea and ate pizza. Then we tried to make a gingerbread house. Sigh. Not only did I manage to get hothothot, caramelized sugar on my thumb while putting the thing together, it also fell apart the morning after. After turning stale, of course. Again, oh well...

But still, Christmas is way more fun if you mess it up and no one remembers the years where nothing went wrong. It's nice enough to have something turn out right. though. and without wanting to toot my own horn, what you see on the sides turned out pretty darn well indeed. On the left, we have cinnamon-almond biscotti, courtesy of Liselotte and on the right, ginger-hazelnut-cookies, a recipe from Ysolda's page. And kudos to both of them, 'cause those are some mean cookies, kids.
Mmm, Christmas!

Ooh, and the new Knitty is up! Keeping in with the cookie theme, I want to knit the new Cookie socks (and may I just say, my f-ing God, do I want those Kurt Geiger shoes!) and, not in Knitty, but I still want to knit them, Eunny's Anemoi Mittens. Whoa!

And C is for cookie , you know... Or "KEKSE!" if, like me, you always saw Sesam Straße, the German version of Sesame Street, and the Cookie Monster wasn't the Cookie Monster, but der Krümmelmonster. Oh well...

*as a little sidenote here, could people please understand that inner Copenhagen is never, ever called midtbyen? Centrum, København K, Indre By, City, whatever, just not midtby. Århus has a midtby, Randers probably does, too, but Copenhagen just doesn't. If you move here from other parts of Denmark, it's just one of those things you have to deal with. Now.