Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You're the miles left to go

After going home with the f***ing rain in my face and mascara, and before I go to my warm bed, which is looking preeetty good right now, I just have a couple of things to show you.


Pirate mittens! Ooo-er! Nice, no? I used this pattern from Hello Yarn and two skeins of Dale's teflon-coated yarn, Hauk. Strange stuff, teflon-coated yarn, oh well.


Lookie! I made a convert! This is my friend Camilla, whom I've known since I was seventeen. Where I'm afraid that I've chosen a road of paper pushing, Camilla is a really good photographer and make-up artist who, among other things, has done some work for Suicide Girls (as a photographer, that is). She's my first convert and she's already been knitting on the train (as you can tell, I'm rather proud). What you see, is her knitting her first sweater, a cardigan for this little girl, her daughter Kornelia (who, as you can tell, ended up looking very un-Exorcist-y).