Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Writing out more lines than Burberry

Aahhh, once again my normal state of quiet, instead of verbalized, cotempt of the world has returned. I nearly got there later on
Saturday when a drunken Northern Irish fan came down the carpark, tooting a horn and slurring: "Y'know... I've been to a lot of matschesss, yah? And I muscht shay, I really muscht shay... You're sho musch nisher than the Dutsch!". And I'm sure we are.

Although The Netherlands (I can't say that anymore without giggling), it's warmer there than here, isn't it? A tad? Because, gosh darnit, it has turned so cold over the last week or so! Isn't summer just around the corner? Please tell me that it is!

If not, I just comfort-shopped these earrings from shinylux's Etsy-shop. You like? I really think that if I was loaded, I buy all of Etsy. Well, not all of it, probably, but jeez, there are just so many things I like! Obviously, there's a lot of crap on there as well, just like on eBay, but still...

Oh, by the way, for the Danes; if you miss your daily dose of Rocky (the comic, not the movies, obviously) now that Politiken has cancelled it (the bastards - as if WulffMorgenthaler is anywhere near as funny), you can read it in Swedish at Dagens Nyheter's site or at Rocky's own site where you can also buy T-shirts. I'd kinda like a Rocky-tee, I just don't really know if I'm too keen on one that just has a comic strip on it - but if I were to choose a strip to get printed, it would have to be this one - becoming misty-eyed when your mobile suggests swear words when you're texting - who doesn't know that feeling?

And sorry if there are some copyright issues here. I'll delete it if Martin Kellerman or his big-shot lawyer tells me to and I promise that I tried other solutions first - well, one at least, I tried to tell the storyline, but first of all it wasn't funny and second of all I couldn't think of a proper English translation for 'spassernar'!

Ack, I'm really just blogging to procrastinate on the economics paper I have to get done by Friday. It's just so... well, not boring, but I'd still much rather be doing something else. Preferably watching TV. Or knitting pirate mittens! Well, I need them in this f***ing cold, don't I?