Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It takes a lover

Just a couple of snippets before I go to the study hall to read some macroeconomics, ooh joy!

I don't know if you remember, but this summer a friend of mine got married. Now, her husband is Israeli and seeing as the Danish immigration laws are largely racist crap, they have to through all sorts of legal drearyness right now, when they should really just be enjoying the newlywed status. This Saturday, there's a demonstration for their, and other's, cause at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen. The demonstration is arranged by an organisation called Ægteskab Uden Grænser (Marriage Without Borders) and the slogan is aptly Boundless Love - aww!
Now, the thing is from 11-17, when I'm working, but you should definitely be there and receive several karmic points!

Have you seen My Fair Lady? Of course you have, I mean, Audrey Hepburn's in it and how can you not love Audrey Hepburn? Anyway, as far as I can recall, My Fair Lady features a song called Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man? - I don't really care about that, but why can't yoghurt be more like crème fraiche? That would be a good thing!

Lastly (ghastly), have you heard what Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is calling the protesting kindergarten teachers? "Socialists and troublemakers", that's what! I really think that's excellent and sooo funny! I mean, I didn't even know that socialists where the enemy these days, I thought it was all about Al-Quaeda and whatnot. Socialists and troublemakers... I can't even figure out whether he's gone back to pre-WWII or the Cold War.
The connection between Socialists and troublemakers is very pre-war, upper-class conservative and you could almost be fooled to think that the next thing he'll be yammering about is how the Communists are eating babies. Calling teachers Socialists, however, well, that's just so 70's! Next thing you know he'll be accusing them of indoctrinating the children to class war, "røde lejesvende", Erhard Jakobsen-style!