Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flowers, kittens and chocolate

I'm really in a foul mood right now, I can't figure out who of us hates one another more, but in any case, it's very much me v. The World. Not very practical seeing as I'm at my job right now and part of it is to at least be polite to people. And I'm just not in the f***ing mood, at all.
I can't think of a lot of reasons that my old hometown, Sønderborg, should be better than Copenhagen, but it does has some advantages. First of all, Sønderborg does not have any major football club. And when I say 'major', I mean within anything that looks like a league. That means that no club football with actual fans ever takes place i Sønderborg. Which obviously rocks.
Second of all, unlike Copenhagen, Sønderborg will never be the host of an international match. Also, the town hasn't got a single f***ing bar showing Champions League-matches.
All of this, as you can guess, reduces the amount of football fans in public to an absolute minimum, which, face it, is pure bliss.
Right now, the square in front of Copenhagen City Hall is full of annoying, noisy, goddamn leprechaun coloured and polyester-clad Northern Irish football fans and, God, do I just really hate them! And it's not that I like the Danish side better, it's just that they must be celebrating somewhere else - I saw a couple wearing crushed velvet viking helmets earlier on and I really can't think of anything that warrants a shot to the kneecaps like the combination of polyester, crushed velvet, viking helmet and a fat man with a T-shirt tucked into his trousers! I hate football fans. They really are the scum of the earth.

And if all that weren't enough, Lars Lilholt just drove by, asking whether or not we take Visa! Aaargh! Die, world, die die!