Monday, August 07, 2006

Erm, why don't you buy her flowers?

Wow, then suddenly two weeks has passed since I came home from Angola and where did they go? Well, we did go to Quiçama and it was rather nice. We didn't see the elephants or the palancas, but we did spot some zebras, an ostrich, different kinds of antelopes and, as you can see, a pretty nasty looking cobra. I was pretty happy to be seated in an Unimog when that one came along, I can tell you.
I also, while holding a rather big fear that I'd kill a zebra or otherwise break something, drove a car for the first time (yes, I am 24 years old and I do not have a driver's license. What would I do with it? I also think that if you're somewhat prone to road rage, it's better to be so on a bicycle than behind a ton of steel) and celebrated my 24th birthday prematurely (I wasn't afraid of killing a zebra when I did that, though). My dad and his girlfriend had bought the cake on the left for me and although it got a bit squashed on the rather rough drive to Quiçama, it's probably still one of the prettiest birthday cakes I've had (and pink! Barbie pink!). Alas, it tasted like floury, sugared fish... we left it for the maid, maybe it's a local thing.
The trip home was nowhere near as chaotic as the one going out and just a couple of days after I returned, my mother, her sister and their kids came round for my real birthday the 27th. I couldn't really figure out whether I'd been a good girl or not - supposedly the sunshine means that I had, but when it means heat that makes you uncomfortable, I'm not as sure. Also, I baked for the party, amongst others a cherry pie - try rolling out shortcrust pastry in 30 degrees Celsius, it can't be f***ing done! The party was good fun, though, but then it's hard to mess up when you have the sane part of your family, good friends, mojitos (Shirley Temples for the kids) and 4 different kinds of cake that all turned out rather well.
After my aunt and her kids left, my mother and sister stuck around for a few days more, one of which Frederikke and I spent at the Experimentarium and it was actually pretty good fun to spend a day playing around with soap bubbles, taking your own blood pressure, trying to explain the three-body-problem to a ten-year-old (and yourself) and posing for silly pictures in the mirror cabinet.
People say we actually look a bit like each other, by the way. What do you think it is? The eyebrows? The height of our pony tails? I dunno...
And to just bring you entirely up to date, I've spent the last days in a sort of hausfrau-frenzy, doing the things on picture below; re-doing my chairs, baking bread and making gazpacho, baking coffee-biscuits (and notice the P-stamp on those - they're Pernille-biscuits! Snazzy, no?) and sewing a needle holder - now I just need more knitting needles (although, to be fair, some of them are situated in some current works in progress), and also washing, ironing and hoovering - I tell ya, I would've rocked the fifties, kids!
Tomorrow, it's dying and sewing the ribbons for my Matilda Jane - the knitting has been done for quite some time, but seeing as it's been crazy hot for more than a month I haven't really felt motivated to get it done entirely. Ooh well, when I've told you all that I can't stop jumping around to the sound of Public Warning by Lady Sovereign (You can get the song from her MySpace-site. S-O-VEEEE!) and that I have a crush on PJ Harvey, I think that brought you up to speed!