Friday, July 07, 2006

The "told-you-so"-dance

Ah yes, Africa! Right now, I should be sitting in white clothes in my dad's house, which has aircon, drinking cooled lemonade and behaving like a colonialist in Luanda. Instead, however, I'm sitting in my increasingly stuffy flat with two travelmates I hardly know, drinking Danish milk. And I can tell you, without even having been to Africa, that it's very much not the f***ing same!!
Somehow someone somewhere f***ed up royally, so when we came to TAP Air Portugal's check-in counter at Copenhagen Airport, they claimed that our tickets couldn't be found and that we couldn't get on the plane. Later, when TAP were called, we were told that this wasn't true, that as long as we had our booking number (to which I yesterday pointed several times), we ought to be fine. But hey, we're not, are we?!
Anyway, so far it looks like we're put on a plane later today. And I think someone somewhere owes me an upgrade and some goddamn complementary champagne!