Tuesday, July 18, 2006

They say it's no game, there's strange news from another star

Jeez, I just found out that the maid ironed my underwear - now that is crazy!
Anyway, we came back from spending a night at Ilha do Mussulo (which, technically, is not an island anymore, but a peninsula) yesterday. This was what I saw when stepping out of our bungalow so as you can guess, it was pretty nice and total Club Tropicana. And Angola has a Death by Chocolate Magnum - why can't we get that in Denmark?!
I think the most exciting thing that happened there was when I accidentally stepped on a fish while walking around shallow water. It all sort of confirms my feeling that while I think it's interesting and fun to be here, I just expected Africa to be more dangerous. Yes, I know that the malaria mosquitoes kill more than 1 million people every year and that I was totally gambling when I just brushed my teeth with tap water, but still, when you tell people that you've been to Angola, they don't expect tales of mosquitoes and whether or not you got the shits, do they? It's a bit sad, I think, that I might be going home and the most dangerous things to have happened to me will be when I had my feet flung over my head by a wave and my back sort of made a "crack"-sound and that I've been bitten by a possibly rabid monkey.
I want to experience something scary! I want there to be sharks when I go swimming, I want to see a lion, a rhinoceros, raging elephants or at the very least a stampeding antelope!

All the same, it's still nice to be here, even if it's still strange sticking out like I do. If you're really thirsting for attention, try being a white girl walking down to buy a Snickers in Luanda. And if that doesn't work, try bringing out your knitting - that's a surefire way!