Tuesday, July 04, 2006

They say it changes when the sun goes down

I'm back from this year's Roskilde and actually have been for a few days. Alas, I'm in the middle of sanding down some of my chairs, so even though I'm home and I've showered, I'm still covered in dust.
It was a good festival, the weather was great, unlike last year, our tent didn't break and it wasn't utterly impossible to sleep later than 7 because of the heat. However, I just don't think that I managed to watch enough shows at all.
This is due to me not following this rather brilliant piece of advice: Imagine that you're sober and then get a glass of wine and you think that this wine is sort of sour, warm and yukky-tasting. If you then later after more glasses of wine find yourself thinking "But, oooh, this tastes just like Ribena!!" then you should've stopped drinking. And you should under no circumstances continue drinking, because then you'll end up abusing you mobile and missing most of Morrissey, The Streets, Death Cab for Cutie and Serena Maneesh in which case, you're not only drunk, you're also a f***ing idiot.
Still though, a good festival. dEUS were good, Guns'n'Roses were crap but in a funny way, Lady Sovereign f***ing rocked (ch-ching!), Spleen United were boring, Primal Scream were happy (and good) and so were Pato who, despite the awful hit, the "white man trying to fake patois"-sillyness and all the other odds he had against him, actually managed to throw quite a party. Arctic were very much misplaced on the Arena stage and it was just too much hassle to get there, while it was pretty easy to get to see Placebo who, sadly, were crap.
Next year, I think we should get a winnebago, because there's just no way that there can be three years in a row with weather that good!