Saturday, July 22, 2006

Homecoming queen

Ah, I'm going home to Copenhagen tomorrow night and I must admit that I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed being here and it's been fun and new and all, but for now, I've just had enough mosquitoes and roaches. And, mostly, I just look forward to not sticking out as much and not being every street vendor's amiga branca (that's funny, isn't it? What's the branca in Fernet Branca, then? 'Cause one thing that Fernet Branca is not, is white) and once again being able to get my point across - if I go here again, I really need to learn more Portuguese!

Anyway, later on, we're going to the Quiçama National Park where we might be able to see some animals apart from monkeys (like the one on the right who was in the back garden yesterday. Cute, ain't he?) and funny-looking insects. The trouble with Angolan wildlife is that a lot of it was, well, eaten or otherwise killed during the 25 year long civil war. Quiçama existed before that and now, with the help of South Africa among others, they're trying to re-establish it. So, fingers crossed, in the next post
there'll be some pictures of elephants and maybe Angola's national animal, the palanca negra (after which their football team got their nick name, by the way).