Friday, July 14, 2006

Do something random!

You know what's funny about Africa? It's the little differences... Well, actually the differences between Africa and Europe seem rather huge, but still, it's also strange that Fanta looks and tastes different here.
Not so funny that in Europe, I get about one mosquito bite a year, while here, my shins have turned into a bumpy mess (-ish). Blood-sucking little bastards.
Handsigns seem to carry different meanings as well. If you want to hitch a ride, you point to the ground and when a soldier at an old Portuguese fort we visited this Wednesday wanted me to come over, he signalled this by limp-wristedly flapping his hand downwards. I don't get it.
Anyway, turns out that while I was trying to photograph their national monument of independence (the big rocket-like thingy), I accidentally got some of the president's estate in the picture as well (it's what you can see a teeny-tiny bit of on the upper left), which for some strange reason is very forbidden.
Anyway, the fort is now a museum for the armed forces, albeit not with any signs explaining anything. It seems to have been used for actual armed forces until fairly recently, since there were gasoline stands from the national oil company, Sonangol. But other than that, it seemed very much like the sort of place that pirates had once attacked, big, white, fortress-y and on top of a cliff.
But I'd better get cracking, we're leaving for a beach bungalow at the place with the monkey, so I'll expect I'll get some bruises from swimming. Last, I have a little picture of some guns, especially for Kristian. Enjoy!