Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Riboflavin-flavored, non-carbonated, poly-unsaturated blood

I met a school friend, whom I haven't seen for quite some time, this Monday and we hung out for a while, ate I can't believe it's Yoghurt! and talked about a lot of things, among others whether my neighbourhood was getting nicer after it's been undergoing a lot of urban renewal projects in the last years. And I said, yeah, I think it's getting better, even if it is sometimes like a little piece of Jutland where you can always find a parking space, all the cars have trailer couplings and every store closes at 22 so it's damn near impossible to get drunk unless you're willing to hang out at the local grotty pub with their Lars Lilholt-records, stench of pee and Frem-flags.
However, I'm kinda doubting how much better it has turned, when just a couple of minutes ago, this girl ran out the frontdoor, screaming at the windows of the old guy downstairs; "I'm not gonna stand for this! You disgusting old bastard! I'm turning you in for rape, you filthy old pig!! Turning you in for rape, do you hear me?!". Oh well... I'm sort of doubting that he did hear her - or rape her for that matter - seeing as he's about a gazillion years old, can only walk at the speed of a turtle when he's holding on to something and I've stopped counting the times I thought he was dead when an ambulance has come for him with paramedics ringing his doorbell for half an hour.

Also, on a completely different note, like I said, I haven't seen my friend from Monday for a long time and now she's 8 months pregnant and set to give birth to an ickle girl the 26th next month (saw pictures of her 3D ultrasound; what came out of my mouth was fortunately: "Aww, that's nice", but what I was thinking was: "F***ing hell! It looks like something from The Exorcist!". Oh well, I'm sure she'll grow prettier, at least her mother did) and a couple of hours ago I got a text from another friend, saying "Wedding the 29th of July. More info coming soon". Now I feel very much behind - chill, you people!