Thursday, June 22, 2006

The past will catch you up as you run faster

Before I first started listening to proper music, I was mostly into dance-compilations, my mother's Bryan Adams-records and Take That. I must admit that I've redeveloped a soft spot for TT again - the Relight my Fire-video has a lot to answer for, if it hadn't been for Mark Owen's cropped black T-shirt (that says what? "Junkie's Baddy Powder"?), I doubt that I would ever have developed my weakness for skinny boys with their hair hanging down their eyes. Also, Howard Donald in a sailor's sweater and suspender belt-chaps?! He's like half of Village People cloned to be one person!
Anyway, that wasn't where I was going at all. When I started listening to decent music, it was usually with a friend whose older sister had a lot of good records. The two of them used to share a room which, after an extension was built to their house, became their parents' bedroom. Before they moved out of the room, though, their parents made the mistake of letting them write and draw on the walls, because, hey, they were going to paint it anyway. Alas, it took them quite a while to get round to the paint job, so the last time I visited their house, the walls were still bore legends like "Guns'n'Roses sucks!", "Be a hero, be a man, kill a Take That-fan" and the blur-logo. When we were at my place, we'd mostly listen to Hole and Psyched Up Janis, at her place Radiohead and blur (we were both firmly on the blur-side in the Oasis/blur-debacle, her, because she was actually a fan and while I wasn't at the time, I just couldn't stand Wonderwall - I thought the "quoasis"-T-shirt was kinda funny, though) and interchangeably Nirvana and Björk.
Another thing we'd listen to at her place (but not that often) was Whale, whom I had completely forgotten until the other day, when I found their first record, We Care. I used to love Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe and thought Cia Soro, the singer, looked so cool in the video and now that I revisit them, I actually think We Care is a pretty good album - you gotta love a song called Young Dumb N' Full of Cum!

And now that we're talking music videos anyway - Pitchfork has just made a list of 100 Awesome Music Videos (via Frekvens) and while there is a lot of good things on the list, there is also a glaring error on page 10. I mean, sure, My Doorbell is a good and funny video (I can't actually think of a bad White Stripes-video), but everyone knows that the best WS-video is I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself. It's directed by Sofia Coppola! It has Kate Moss in it! In her underwear! Poledancing! Surely, it's about the dirtiest music video ever made. Some of the early Manics-videos could have been up there as well, like Love's Sweet Exile, if it had consisted only of Nicky and Richey making out, or You Love Us, which is all finger-sucking and popsicle-licking and the clip with the little TV down Richey's pants - surely the best use of A-bomb footage ever!

Oh well, if you haven't already left, do so now by checking out Death by Kite. Not the best of band names, but Hiroshima and Bahnhof Asta are just really good!