Friday, June 16, 2006

It's always better on holiday, so much better on holiday!

Right, a rather picture heavy post coming up. Just got back from my mother's yesterday and while usually, when I'm back home in Sønderborg aka Shitsville, I just piss about being really bored, I actually had a really good time. I was at the beach and went swimming and it was pretty great and not too cold at all, I had crazy excellent asparagus from a farm just a couple of kilometres from where my mother lives and bought my favourite scrubbing stuff from Origins at more than 50% off, which is always nice.

I had Nesquick cereal for breakfast every day and thought it was hilarious that the little present inside the package was one of 6 "crazy body parts". And if you're Danish and easily amused, like me, you'll also find it funny that crazy body parts in Swedish are "knäppa kropsdelar". Dirty.

I bonded with the kitty. Actually, my mother has two cats, a grey fluffy one that sheds its hair f***ing everywhere, never purrs and in general is just really boring and then this girl who's actually not my mother's, but my dad's girlfriend's, very cute, very fat and very keen on my yarn.

I baked my sister's birthday cake. An if you're in doubt, they're supposed to be carrots, not fingers. And, yes, it was rather good, if I do say so myself.

We invited Slash and he was really excited about the board game we gave him and said "Ooer, I wanted this even more than a new Les Paul."

And then I just generally hung out, knitted (nearly there on Matilda Jane, just need to find buttons and ribbons), read (House of Leaves and my mother's glossies) and went to see where my brother moved in with his girlfriend.
Anyway, Roskilde Festival is coming up and until then I think I'll experiment with what happens if you live off club sandwiches and strawberries & cream for a week. Yay!