Sunday, June 25, 2006

If only tonight we could sleep

Seriously kids, you have nooo idea how tired I am right now. I spent yesterday cleaning, sewing, ironing and knitting - ie. just being as hausfrau-ish as possible and also at some kind of work all day. Most of it because today, I'm leaving for Roskilde. I have what right now seems like a f***ing stupid deal to hook up with a friend at 6.45 AM so we can get tere early-ish and won't have to live at the new Camping South. It's near a town called Snoldelev for crying out loud - how depressing is that? If Camping East is Copenhagen, Camping West is Jutland (the wrong side of the bridge) then what does that make Camping South? F***ing Belarus or something.
But anyway, I thought that seeing as I'd been up and about all of yesterday, sleep would be no problem. Not so. I've tossed and turned, been on my back, my stomach, my side, part-stomach/part-side, diagonal, starshaped, fetal position - nothing! If you see me at Roskilde today, I'll probably be the girl who's barely managed to get up her tent only to fall asleep drooling on a patch of grass.
I had something semi-chipper to say about you people not breaking anything while I'm gone and not drinking my gin, but f*** it, do what you please as long as you don't wake me up when I manage to fall asleep! See you there.