Monday, May 08, 2006

And the birds in the garden, they all started singing

I woke up in a pretty crappy mood today, but then I went out to take out the trash and I was met by all these flowers and things, it was very pretty. Like this? Well, a girl can't stay cranky forever, can she? So right now I'm listening to Lamb which feels very summery.

Also, see this. Any Dane would know that spring isn't official until the beech has leaves and any kid knows that these leaves are edible, however, does anyone know of a salad recipe that actually incorporates the leaves? Just curious...
And did you know (I didn't till last Friday, so bear with me) that the way you can recognize an original Danish tree is that they all have monosyllabic names, as in eg, ask, bøg, el, etc. (ahorn/maple used to be known as ær). Useless fact of the day, now I'll go get my laundry.