Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When you're coming back, if you're coming back

I'm back, I hope you all had a nice Easter. I spent mine doing mostly nothing and then visiting my parents in their respective parts of western Denmark. Thursday, I went to my dad's new house which is in... Well, actually, I'm still not too sure where it was, but it was somewhere i the northern part of Jutland around 50 kilometres from anything remotely like civilisation. It's a nice house and all, it's just that I have a slight phobia towards the combination of trees and darkness (yes, I do realize that it's silly), so putting me in a house surrounded by just that is maybe not the best idea in the world. Also, I'm just not too keen on the countryside. Fair enough if you like living there, but I just prefer having street lights in the vicinity and the fact that I don't have a driver's license and need people to drive me more or less everywhere if I wanted to go, it just makes me feel sort of trapped.
Anyway, I spent some of the time knitting socks, as you can see. The one on the left is part of a pair of Jaywalkers and the pink one on the right (in a colour a so-called friend of mine subtly described as "red wine vomit") is a Broadripple.
I bought the yarn for both pairs at The Natural Dye Studio and even though both colours should have been spun from the same kind of wool, the blue ones are really soft, while the pink ones are a bit itchy. Strange.
And judging by the pallor of my legs, it should go ahead and be summer pretty darn soon, I must be needing vitamin D or something. Knowing me, though, I won't get as far as an actual tan, I'll just go from blue to white. From Smurfette to... oh, I don't know what.

Speaking of knitting (-ish), I'm really not very impressed with the spring issue of Knitty. It's just not very good, is it? The only thing I can see myself knitting are the Hedera socks by Cookie who also designed the Pomatomus socks that I knitted in December.

Anyway, I also went to visit my mother in S√łnderborg and to go to my family's Easter breakfast. Family gatherings with my family are usually a great source for gossip, but this year nothing really crazy happened unless you count the phone with MMS-jokes about and pictures of anal sex that was passed around. So charming.
Anyway, the Easter breakfast used to be the day where I would just eat loads and loads of candy, but apparently now I'm "too old". It's most sad, because I have a thing for Kinder chocolate that I should've grown out of years ago but somehow just haven't, and Easter used to be a great excuse for eating loads of that. Oh well. In the evening, my sister, Frederikke (on the left), had our cousin, Johannah (right), over to play geishas. Geishas aren't too fond of chocolate, I learned, so while they were nibbling at their sushi (carefully arranged cucumber slices) I got to eat a bit of theirs. Just another reason why they're the only two kids I like.