Saturday, March 25, 2006

Concert Interruptus

Just finished my Peacock Feathers Shawl from Fiddlesticks this Thursday. I'm rather proud although I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. It's very thin and not at all useful for everyday wear, but seeing as I have a lot of leftover yarn, I'm thinking of knittting another one for my favourite aunt who's turning 40 this summer.
I won't be starting that immediately, though, I think I'm going for something slightly more no-brainer-y next. Socks, probably.
Anyway, info on the shawl:
Pattern: Peacock Feathers from Fiddlesticks.
Yarn: Laceweight cashmere from Colourmart in a discontinued colour called Thorntree.
Needles: 2.5 mm bamboo circulars and a 2.5 crochet needle for the little hoops on the edging.

I had a pretty good "screw you all, I'm going to Brazil"-moment the other day when I was lead to believe that I would get back about £3,000 worth of excess taxes. For about five minutes, I was dozing off to a world with one of the new Macs with Intel processors, a pair of glittery Miu Miu-sandals that I saw at Nørgaard, and a shitload of new handbags. Alas, I found the error and what I'm getting is more like £20, if I'm lucky. It's better than having to pay extra, but still... I want three grand and I want them now!

Also, I found myself wanting to listen to The Bangles today. I should get a Greatest, or something, but right now I settled for downloading Walk Like An Egyptian. So catchy. I once dreamt that I went to a Bangles-concert and when they started singing Eternal Flame, they floated above the audience all angel-like. It was kinda strange, but not as strange as the dream (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it) I had the other day where I was being chased by a bunch of German warlords on black horses, lead by Lemmy from Motörhead! Scary shit, I tell you.

Anyway, I think the reason for me feeling like listening to The Bangles was that the other day, there was another rerun of the episode of Gilmore Girls where they go to see The Bangles in New York. I was thinking that I really liked that episode, especially when Lorelai goes all bad-ass on Madeline and Louise. It's a really good episode, but then I got thinking, what if you had to make a Top 5 over episodes of Gilmore Girls? And because I'm "working" tonight, meaning I'm just sitting here with nothing to do except drinking free Coke and solving sudokus, I decided to make one. Except I liked way too many episodes, so I ended up with a Top 10.

10. You Jump, I Jump, Jack. The episode where Rory gets invited to Logan's secret society gathering and Lorelai's parents find out that she's dating Luke. I just thought it was funny seeing Luke drunk on a golf course and I thought that Rory and Logan jumping out from a high tower armed with nothing but umbrellas and formal wear was a really nice moment.
9. Like Mother, Like Daughter. Lorelai has to do a fashion show with The Booster Club and Rory is invited to join high school sorority, The Puffs. Worth it for having Lorelai and Emily in awful attires dancing down the catwalk to the sound of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and for Rory getting really angry about not being allowed to sit at lunch with her walkman and a book.
8. One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes. Lane goes through a short-lived rebel phase and dyes her hair purple while Lorelai is doing a speech at Stars Hollow High. When asked by the teenagers whether she regrets having Rory at 16, her answer is no, thus infuriating the Stars Hollows moms. A good episode, because Lane's band practices London Calling by The Clash and because it's good seeing Lorelai shouting at the blonde, twin-set-wearing, stay-at-home-moms.
7. The Festival of Living Art. The Festival where people re-enact famous paintings comes to Stars Hollow, Sookie decides to give birth at home helped by a scary hippie midwife called Bruce and Lane's band gets a new guitarist called Gil. Good because the new guitarist is Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, because Rory and Lorelai are both wearing cool costumes and because Kirk goes all cuckoo when he is to be Jesus in The Last Supper while Grant Lee Phillips, playing the town troubadour, has the role of Judas.
6. Happy Birthday, Baby. Rory decides to go to Yale and it's birthday week for Lorelai at the Gilmore House. Cool, because Lorelai's birthday presents include the world's largest pizza and the leather jacket that Joe Strummer wore on the 1979 Pearl Harbour tour!
5. They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?. There is a 24 hour dance marathon in Stars Hollow and while it's on, Rory gets so distracted by Jess insisting on making out with some girl that she ends up shouting at him in front of Dean, thus giving Dean the final argument for breaking up with her. A good episode because it has Lorelai and Rory with 40's hair-do's and vintage shoes, because Rory starts dating Jess, who is dirrty, and because when Kirk wins the dance marathon he does his victory lap to the theme from Rocky!
4. Presenting Lorelai Gilmore. Rory is convinced by Emily to come out at the Daughters of the American Revolution-debutante ball. I really like this episode, because it has Christopher, Rory's father, coming in a Volvo and because I love the scene where Lorelai and Christopher dance. Yes, I am a big softie.
3. Raincoats and Recipes. The episode where Sookie and Lorelai's Dragonfly Inn finally opens, where Luke and Lorelai kiss for the first time and where Rory loses her virginity to Dean (although he is now married to someone else). It's not as good an episode as it could be, but it gets a 3rd place just because of all the action!
2. The Reigning Lorelai. Lorelai's grandmother, Lorelai, dies and while Emily is busy sorting out her papers, she finds an old letter where the gran begs Richard not to marry Emily. This makes Emily decide that she wants nothing to do with the old bat's funeral and go off in her dressing gown, smoking cigarettes and drinking martinis. This episode is just good, because Emily is hella cool when she's drunk.
1. I can't get started... The episode where Sookie marries her produce guy, Jackson, and Lorelai sleeps with Christopher, they contemplate getting back together only to have it all crashing down when Christopher finds out that the girlfriend he's just broken up with, Sherry, is pregnant. A sad episode, but still good, if only because it's just so evident that Lorelai and Christopher should be together.

There, done. Me, having too much time on my hands? Noooo.... Please let me know if you don't agree, I'm thinking that number 10 should maybe be swapped for the episode where the Stars Hollow High cheerleaders do their routine to One Step Beyond by Madness!