Sunday, February 19, 2006

Going for gold, part IV - don't say forget it

Right, according to my super-accurate calculations and finger-counting, I should now have knitted 22,347 stitches and have 11,290 to go. Should be easy as pie, yes? No pictures, because, well, they're boring - I'm still on the straights, so it's really just one big crumpled up piece of fabric right now... and heavy as hell! The fingers on my left hand have a nice blue stripe from the yarn now, it's really not very pretty. Oh well.
I've been watching a bit of the other Olympics this weekend and not even figure skating (there was ice dancing this Friday, but I honestly find that a bit blech - I prefer the jumps!) - I'm pretty hooked on the snowboarding. I've always kinda wanted to learn how to skateboard, but I just don't really seem to have the balance for that. Snowboarding just looks ace and an athlete called The Flying Tomato (or Il Pomodoro Volante in Italy) who does his routine to Back in Black by AC/DC? I mean, how cool is that? Also, it was a bit fun to see Lindsey Jacobellis mess up her 50 metre lead in the boardcross final by doing a show off grab just before the finish line. She probably kicked herself afterwards, but still... it takes some style, you wouldn't see 'em do that in the Nordic combined or something.
In general, I just prefer winter sports. Obviously, curling and hockey are boring as hell, but I like the figure skating and the ski jumps and all of it. Maybe it's because winter sports are the only ones I've ever been able to do without feeling like a prat. The one time I went skiing, fell and rolled 50 metres down a slope to end up lying spread-eagled on the ground excepted, that is!

Anyway, neither knitting nor sports tonight, I'm going to see Editors. Should be good!