Friday, February 03, 2006

Count your blessings and your sheep

Just as the "real" Winter Olympics has mascots (called Neve and Gliz, is that "Snow" and "Ice" in Italian, or?), I decided to get some as well. I bought them on Etsy, from Katie, and seriously, how cute are these things? They're very nice pets anyway - very clean! Haven't really decided what to name them yet. Fred and Ginger?

And I also just bought a cone of lambswool from eBay. It's Jaguar-green (that's the car, not the cat) and I plan to make something in the lines of this with it, if I can figure it out. Sorry about the weird proportions of the drawing, the stuff I make when I'm just doodling is usually ok, but I always run in to trouble when I try to draw on purpose, so to speak. Oh, and my dad just tells me that it's not actually called "Jaguar-green", but Old English Racing Green. Cool.