Saturday, December 31, 2005

You only tell me you love me when you're drunk

Just to squeeze in the last post of the year. I hope you all had a nice Christmas or whatever you celebrate (and if you don't celebrate, then I just hope you had some nice days off).
I'm just about ready for 2006; I bought cola, I made risotto (not a lot of people know this, but slightly stale mushroom risotto is actually the best hangover cure in the world - ever! Come over tomorrow and I'll totally prove it to you) and in a minute I'll hit the shower. I'm apparently celebrating the evening with a lot of people from Jutland... don't really know how I feel about that, it just not the same as Als, you know!
So all there's left is to wish you a happy New Year's Eve and New Year in general and repeat my advice from last year: Don't blow off any of your limbs; you’ll miss them tomorrow if you can’t dial for pizza or reach out for the Coca-Cola and paracetamol.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sock it to me!

So, this is how the red snapper socks turned out in the end. They'd fit better if I had cankles or just fatter legs in general, but hey, Christmas is the day after tomorrow, so I can get that yet.
I used a 100% merino-yarn called Bambi from Grignasco (I don't think they have a homepage) in colour #36, which is like maroon-ish, and 2mm needles. The pattern is Pomatomus from the latest issue of Knitty.
And the blue, dead-ish looking thing in the lower right corner, that's my leg. First one to make fun of my complexion will get a boiled bunny in their Christmas/New Year's post, I f***ing swear.

Ooh, and I just bought an iPod! i got it yesterday and she's so pretty, I can just sit and stare at her and go "Awww!". I still have to name her, though. I'm thinking of Greta, mostly because I got a Christmas card from a friend of mine in Sweden yesterday as well and it had this very lovely Greta Garbo-stamp on it (that's the Swedish version. It's a joint effort with the US Postal Service so they have done one as well. And no, I'm not usually a stamp nerd). Maybe, I just should name my computer as well. It could be named Pernille Rosendahl or Gwyneth Paltrow, because, you know... It's f***ing annoying.

One last thing. The Manolo, he asks "What does $14,000 [yes that's three 0's] boots look like?": And the answer is: "Fantastic".

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sing along and it might just get you through

Went to see Franz Ferdinand this Friday and I'm kinda ashamed to admit that while I'm still not really sure whether or not I thought it was a good show, my cloakroom ticket from that night still makes me snicker. But then again, I'm easily amused. It was a good night, most of the night, though. G&T's, beer and dancing, I mean, what's not to like? That the evening ended with me and my friend standing in the f***ing cold waiting for a train that just never came, because someone had decided to jump in front of it on one of the busiest nights of the year, well, we'll just leave that. If my toe could leave it, too, so I could regain feeling in it, that would be nice.

And this is how the first red snapper sock looks now that I've turned the heel and started on the foot part.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hoping there's a method to your madness, baby

As the yarn for my cardigan still hasn't arrived and my plans to be done with it by Christmas will most certainly be wrecked by now, I got so bored with sudokus yesterday that I decided to buy some yarn for socks. Actually, I had been out all day buying Christmas presents and decided that I wanted pizza, but then I thought "Screw the pizza, I want merino!" and then I bought yarn for these socks. And this is what I had done after a day at work.
If you check out the pictures that go with the pattern, you can see that the original was blue and because of the scale-like structure of the pattern she named it after the blue fish. But seeing as mine are red, they could be named after that fish from that Led Zeppelin-book, Hammer of the Gods. You know, the one that the groupie gets in... well, The Netherlands. Wasn't that a red snapper? Or was it a shark? If it was a shark, then it's not really funny, is it?

Anyway, if we're going to be seedy, I might as well mention that when I was out buying presents yesterday, I was browsing around a video store, trying to find the Harry Potter-movies for my little sister (who fortunately doesn't read my blog). The Harry Potter-movies! Take note, because that should prove that I wasn't in the adult section (although I could have been in
Accord on Vestergade, where the music-DVD's and the porn used to be curiously lined up next to each other so your inner monologue would go "Kylie Greatest? Nah, already have that one... Pulp Hits.... possibly... Lost in TV? Oh, it's just a sampler... Stevie Wonder Live? Fuck no! .... Asian Street H...... OH! Now where was that Morrissey-single I just saw?!"
Anyway, looking around, I stumbled on a pile of discounted DVD's containing, amongst others,
Cherry Falls, one of the worst movies that I have ever seen in its entirety, and a movie bizarrely named Lesbisk Erotisk Mesterværk 8 (that's Lesbian Erotic Masterpiece 8 for that one person from Afghanistan who was once here. Hope you found what you were looking for). I mean, it's strange enough to name one film after a fictional magazine blurb (and that's obviously not from any fictional magazine I'd read), but f***ing eight of them? That's just crazy!