Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sock it to me!

So, this is how the red snapper socks turned out in the end. They'd fit better if I had cankles or just fatter legs in general, but hey, Christmas is the day after tomorrow, so I can get that yet.
I used a 100% merino-yarn called Bambi from Grignasco (I don't think they have a homepage) in colour #36, which is like maroon-ish, and 2mm needles. The pattern is Pomatomus from the latest issue of Knitty.
And the blue, dead-ish looking thing in the lower right corner, that's my leg. First one to make fun of my complexion will get a boiled bunny in their Christmas/New Year's post, I f***ing swear.

Ooh, and I just bought an iPod! i got it yesterday and she's so pretty, I can just sit and stare at her and go "Awww!". I still have to name her, though. I'm thinking of Greta, mostly because I got a Christmas card from a friend of mine in Sweden yesterday as well and it had this very lovely Greta Garbo-stamp on it (that's the Swedish version. It's a joint effort with the US Postal Service so they have done one as well. And no, I'm not usually a stamp nerd). Maybe, I just should name my computer as well. It could be named Pernille Rosendahl or Gwyneth Paltrow, because, you know... It's f***ing annoying.

One last thing. The Manolo, he asks "What does $14,000 [yes that's three 0's] boots look like?": And the answer is: "Fantastic".