Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You've got nothing to do so you just stay in bed (oh poor thing)

I still haven't got all the yarn for my cardigan, so I'm keeping myself busy with this instead - oooh, the joys of having a job where I do nothing all day! And speaking of lace, I'm usually not a fan of knitted dresses and skirts (too hippie), but I kinda like this (via Ysolda). What do you think? Is it terrible? Am I just fooled by the pretty (and skinny) model and the drinks?

By the way, if you've read my 100 (which I really need to update as it still says that I am a vegetarian and well... The stuff about moustaches looking equally good on men and women is still very valid, though), you'll know that my favourite animals are sheep, ducks and penguins. I might have to add another to the list - the alpaca! Crossover between sheep and llamas, how can you not love them? I want one for Christmas, I'm sure it'll fit nicely into the flat.