Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh honey no!

A couple of Danish bloggers has been posting their top fives of hot guys 'n' girls over the last couple of days. I thought about doing the same thing, partly because I was bored, partly because I have too much time on my hands and partly because one list included Colin Farrell and another Elijah Wood, so I wanted to set the record straight, 'cause that is poor f***ing taste if I ever saw it.
Anyway! I'd been considered several candidates, you know, Brett Anderson (Brett gets two links for being sex on a stick), Johnny Depp (that picture because collarbones + cigarette = dirty. Also, because, you know, he's 40, he was bald in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he's had a beard, for f***'s sake and I still would), the smackhead from Marion (that picture because... come on, it says 'shag'), mid-nineties Alex James, start-nineties Nicky Wire (I wanted the picture with the popsicle for this one, but when I couldn't find it, I just thought "F*** it.") - you know, your basic skinny, somehow-looking-a-bit-like-an-ugly-girl-makes-a-shithot-guy indie-girl favourites - the staple goods!
There were lots of candidates, of course, and another was Peter Hayes from B.R.M.C., because even though I met him once and he is around 1,60, he is still one dirty f***er. Or, at least I thought so until I saw this picture and nearly f***ing cried. It's almost as bad as the time Brett dyed his hair blond. The guy had such nice hair, so what possessed him to do such a thing? What is he lacking? Eyes? Friends? Mirrors? Surely not taste? What? I just don't get it. So sad...