Monday, November 21, 2005

Dark and difficult times lie ahead

You know, Daniel Radcliffe, I really like the Harry Potter-books. And movies. Loads. And I think you rock. You obviously have excellent taste in music; you nearly had Franz Ferdinand in the latest movie (it turned out to be Jarvis Cocker and Jonny Greenwood instead, not a bad substitute if you ask me), you like The Libertines and you are a pretty nifty 16-year-old (again, like Peter Hayes, it's the hair) - if I were 16 years old again, I'm sure I'd have a major, huge crush on you. But seriously, hon, don't pluck your eyebrows! It wasn't a good look for Boy George, it wasn't a good look for that fella from The Calling, it's really not a good look for any guy. Fair dues, you might have unibrow tendencies, I shan't say, and obviously you're supposed to have two eyebrows, not one, so the middle bit is okay, I guess. But really, don't pluck anywhere else. Don't let anybody do it either. Just put the tweezers down. Please.