Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Votre mère fait quoi?

Nearly a year ago, I went to see Melody Club at Vega. The day after, I talked about the lead singer's tight trousers and the fact that the world would be a better place had more men worn pointy, red vinyl boots. But it's not until now that I have found a picture (via Ulolla) so you can see for yourself. Mmmm, dirty!

Also, I've learned that both Togo and Angola has qualified for next year's football World Cup. As my sister is half-Togolese (that sounds so Star Wars) and my dad currently resides in Angola, I think I'll be rooting for these two, it's a nice excuse to not be cheering for Denmark. Not that I need any, the fact that I've never met a roligan (or anyone wearing a Danish national squad shirt for that matter) who wasn't a wanker, is really all the excuse I require.