Sunday, October 30, 2005

Feed the horses with your candy

Considering the fact that I complained about not having money to burn, I've been burning quite a lot over the last couple of days. Bought myself a new bicycle because the old one finally broke. Possibly not beyond repair, but definitely beyond the repair it was worth. The last time I got an entirely new bicycle was at my 10 year birthday, so it was probably about time anyway. And it has also convinced me that it is probably a good thing that I don't have a driver's license as my initial reaction to being overtaken on the bicycle lane is now in the lines of "F*** off" and then going really, really fast to get away from them again. On the other hand, I would probably make a good Parisian taxi driver. Or, if they one day decide to remake Pulp Fiction, set it in Copenhagen and let The Wolf be a female cyclist, I could possibly do a fairly decent job at that as well. Ish. It'd be a f***ing strange movie, though.

Also, I've just bought tickets for the Franz Ferdinand-show on the 9th of December, which should be very nice. I haven't got the new album yet, sort of embarassing, really, but I'm sure it'll be a riot. A dancing riot.

And as the last thing I just bought yarn for this cardigan. I haven't really knitted lace before, so it's not entirely impossible that I'll completely mess it up, but I really like it (even if it is a wrapover), so I'll give a try.
On another knitting-related note, I finally found a knitting blog that I like. Obviously, seeing as I am clearly a dreadful person, it's the one were two knitters team up and slag off the products of everyone else's hard labour one by one, and the one that gets comments like: "Wait. You can crochet a strap-on? Holy shit. I had no idea. What's next? Knitted anal beads?". Don't really (want to) know what that says about me, but I think it's funny.