Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's loud and tasteless and I've heard it before

Pretty much everyone has one band or artist that will make them bury their finger nails so hard in their palms that they are close to bleeding. It's not the same as being annoyed with just one song, like, I dunno, Fuck Dig by Anna David, you genuinely have to be annoyed with everything these people see fit to pester radio playlists with and everything they wear, do or say.
I feel that way about the Black Eyed Peas and especially that Fergie girl - this should give some idea as to why. I mean, there must be hookers out there with more class in their acrylic pinky nail than this girl has in her entire body; making fashion mistakes is one thing, but this girl has never worn a decent outfit in her life. I'd be inclined to disregard that, though; style is something you buy, class is something you have and some people just buy crappy styles, what can you do? But being so drunk that you piss yourself on stage? That is classless if I ever saw it.