Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's not gonna rain, I promise

I'm guessing a month of radio silence is all a blog can really take, but what can you do; first there was exams, then there was family crap so I had to go back to Sønderborg, then came Roskilde and inbetween there was just general laziness. My blog even reached the tender age of one while I was gone - alas, there are still plenty of annoying things out there; still girls who think it's ok to wear football shirts, even though they should know better, and still lots of guys deluded enough to think that beards actually suit them. Oooh well...

Anyway, I came from this year's Roskilde Festival yesterday and have spent most of today sleeping - still pretty beat though.
It was a really great festival although I had a hard time doing anything in the sun and dust - consequently I didn't really get to see as much music as I have the other years. Or maybe I did, it's just that usually, you'll want to get inside the tents to hear music, obviously, but also just to get away from the rain, while this year, we were sitting on the ground outside the tents hearing the concerts and, well, somehow it just feels a bit like cheating. Also, I was drunk much more often than I have been other years, which also had me cut back a bit on the concert-going. Maybe I should bring back my principle of not drinking at Roskilde.
What I did see was:
kent kent are kent and you can't really help but to love them, Joachim Berg's pink pant(her)s were really cool and it was a really good set, but just... not perfect. Could've been better on a smaller stage. Maybe.
Håkan Hellström I hadn't been drinking enough water that day so I missed some of the show when I had to step out, but it was pretty good. Lots of dancing and I nearly cried when he sang Nu Kan Du Få Mig Så Lätt whilst wearing a G֖TEBORG-T-shirt that someone in the audience had thrown to him. Very pretty.
The Tears I'm not too impressed with the album, but it was a really good show eventhough, music-wise, you should probably seek out a second opinion as Brett Anderson took off his shirt and then, well, I didn't hear much else than my friends and myself screaming.
Eskobar I think that Someone New is a really good song, but has anyone outside Sweden really heard any of their other songs? They played Knowing Me, Knowing You, though, and that's always really good even if I still like the cover-version recorded by Danish band How Do I better.
Mikael Simpson I was there for the entire show (no, I don't know why either) and I can't remember a single song. He seemed cheerful.
Green Day I was drunk when we stepped in on this and it was, well, entertaining. I sort of found myself being half embarassed to enjoy it thinking "Seriously?!" and half just having fun.
The Raveonettes Their stage-decoration-thingies were really cool, but the music was just so droning.
Duran Duran I had really been looking forward to this and it was just totally awful. The band were so unengaged and unengaging and sloppy... and total crap. Quite possibly the worst show I've seen at Roskilde since Smashing Pumpkins in 1997.
Skambankt Didn't see all of this, but the opening song was really good. Even if they are from Norway.
Turbonegro Oh come on, it was funny.
The Go! Team Seemed good. Very energetic.
Bloc Party Haven't heard the entire album yet, but it was very good and much more of a party than I expected it to be. However, I couldn't see the guitar player and well, you'd want to, wouldn't you?
Interpol Very good. Very happy to hear Take You on a Cruise.

So I didn't really see enough concerts and none of the ones I did see blew me away like Muse did last year. I have a sunburn (damn Scandinavian skin), I'm still tired and I have unexplainable cuts and bruises. Our tent broke after not even 24 hours (and, apparently, you can't fix everything with duct tape) and I can't remember the last time I was entirely as filthy. However, I also can't remember the last time, if ever, I actually had the thought that "hey, I could stay a little longer" on Sunday evening and I must say, that this was one of the most enjoyable festivals I've been to. Oh well, that tired-thing still applies, so I'll bugger off. I might jump the Top 50 bandwaggon later this week so stay tuned.