Thursday, May 12, 2005

Imagining what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks

Now, that Roskilde-program is looking better and better, isn't it? Yesterday, they added Håkan Hellström as well and I still haven't found a way to raise funds for a ticket. It's getting rather depressing, because you just know that if you don't go, it's going to be fantastic festival-weather (23 degrees, a couple of clouds, but not many and not big, and a light shower Friday 'round noon just to settle the dust) and there's going to be at least one of those concerts - one like Björk in 2003 (where I, for the first time since 1997, wasn't there) that people are still talking about years after; people cried, were touched by the Hand of God, the blind could see and yada-f***ing-yada! You, on the other hand, will be sitting in your flat (that probably needs cleaning), chewing off your own arm due to pure, unadulterated envy, whilst receiving texts from your "friends" going along the lines of: "We're having so much fun, the weather is excellent, it was the best show *ever* - you should be here, we all just shagged the guitarist from Bloc Party".
Sigh... I really need a ticket...

On a completely unrelated, but definitely more positive sidenote, TvDanmark has started showing new episodes of Gilmore Girls. In general, you have to love a show that has Belle & Sebastian, The Damned and The Smiths included on its soundtrack and one of the main characters gets Joe Strummer's leather jacket for her birthday, but right now Traci Lords is in the show as well (she sells furniture for Lorelai and Sookie's new inn) and that's always sort of funny. So make time for it or something.