Saturday, May 14, 2005

I know that I just need you like I've never done before

After having asked pretty much everyone I know, who know anything about computers and after trying myself about a billion times, I give up! I need geek assistance! Please!
When my computer is on, a little yellow message pops up every once in a while (ie. about every five nanoseconds) like so:

If you are one of the few non-Danish speaking readers of this site, it says that one of the USB-devices plugged into my my computer is not functioning correctly and is not being recognised by Windows. That can happen, I guess, but the thing is that the message pops up whether or not I actually have anything remotely USB-related plugged in. I don't know what it's trying to tell me - is non-existance a malfunction in itself or what?
Anyway, when I press the yellow message, this comes up:

Bla-di-bla, 1 of the USB-thingies is free and one is an unknown device - again, there is nothing plugged in!
Now, I've tried the device manager, I've tried deleting everything seemingly USB-related there and then re-install it, I tried seeing if it had anything to do with my docking station, my printer, my USB-stick, my minidisc, a virus, everything - I can't think of anything more!
And you might think that I'm overreacting, but that little yellow fella, it has this "pop"-sound every time it opens and, like I said, it does so all the time and it's annoying! Really, really annoying! Annoying the same way world music is annoying, or the way your younger siblings are annoying when you're 15! I need help! Please!