Saturday, April 23, 2005

My favourite parks are car parks

Just came back from the first night at my new job or whatever you choose to call it; I work in a car park in central Copenhagen and, previously, the people working there had to sit in a little glass cage and have people pay for their parking tickets, but over the last couple of months, the system has changed so now you get your ticket from a machine and pay for it in another machine. So, basically, my job is to sit in a little glass cage, spin my chair a lot and have endless amounts of conversations going;

Q: "Do I have to pay for my ticket?"
A: "Yes"

Q: "Should I pay you for my ticket?"
A: "No, you have to pay for it over there where the line of people is"

Q: "You've changed the system, haven't you?"
A: "Yes"

Q: "It's very expensive, isn't it?"
A: "...." [secretly thinking: "Well, if you can afford a Porsche Cayenne, you can bloody well afford the parking as well! Anyway, there are signs telling you what it costs, so it's a bit late to complain now!"]

Q: "There's a red light out front and it says there are no vacancies - does that mean I can't park here?"
A: "Well, sort of... Yeah!" [again, secretly thinking: "Nah, the red light means that we're a brothel, the white P on the blue background is short for "Prostitutes" and in a minute or so, I'll pull up my navy blue pullover and flash you so you'll have something to look at while waiting for a girl to be free - because the 'no vacancies'-sign means no vacancies"]

And it just goes on and on like this! Obviously, if people weren't asking questions there'd be no need for me to be there, but seriously; you put in your ticket, you pay, you leave - it's not exactly rocket f***ing science, is it? Are they honestly sure that they should be driving if they are too stupid/illiterate to pay for their parking?
But, customers aside, it's obviously a nice job, as I can spend most of my time reading magazines... Oh well, pretty damn tired now.