Wednesday, March 30, 2005

You say a lot of funny things, my little bunny

So, I'm back from outer space (or at least my bedroom) and did you all have nice Easter? I've been spending mine doing none of the things I needed to do and not a lot else. Saw Håkan Hellström at Vega last Tuesday, which was really good, if a bit on the short side. Although, usually, when a concert at Vega is said to start at 8, it starts no sooner than 8.45, so can I just say, Vega, that it's really bad form to start the show at 8.15? Also, your new ticket company wanks dead camels, so there. But Håkan was great.

Other than that, I haven't been very active, just hanging around, reading women's magazines, which never fail to surprise me with their stupidity. Amongst other things, there was a little article on "The Road to Happiness/Serenity/Inner Peace" or something similar, which included the advice that to get happier you should "listen to your favourite music". You're obviously not their target audience, when one of your favourite songs is The Fear. Just doesn't give you that warm, fuzzy feeeling inside, does it?

Speaking of depressing, the postman finally got around to get me the new kent-album, which is... well, okay, but not really brilliant. The cover art also has to be the ugliest I've seen for a long, long while.

I thought I had so much more to say, when I sat down to write, oh well... Gilmore Girls is on, so I'd better go. Back another day, sooner rather than later if Dylan Moran is really good or really crap tomorrow.