Monday, February 07, 2005

What if something's on TV and it's never shown again?

It’s a sad world where political science students are bored with an election, but I must say that this is pretty much my view on tomorrow’s events. The result is pretty predictable – it’s 4 more years to the dark side (Pia Kjærsgaard as Darth Vader and Venstre and the conservatives as her storm troopers) and the entire election campaign has ignored large problems and visions.
I find it sad that Danish politicians have found it more important to discuss a 5 pence fee on debit cards than the ridiculously low Danish retirement age. And I find it sad that Danish media seem to think that their own polls are more interesting than the policies of the people we are voting for.
It’s hardly any wonder that so many people are still having as whether they are going to vote at all, when the two major players are trying to outbid each other on exactly the same areas.
I want politicians who take the Danish constitution’s section on how the members of Parliament are only bound by their own convictions, seriously, and I want politicians who hold the future of our country higher than their re-election and thus have the courage for welfare reforms.
I find it disgusting that one party are trying to patent the concept of being “Danish” – as if I, my parents, and everyone else in this country that aren’t voting for Pia Kjærsgaard, are any less Danish than them, that it is any less our country.
And I find it embarrassing that Danish citizens aren’t allowed to marry who the hell they please and that we actually have to discuss whether or not it’s okay for Muslims to build a mosque.
It’s so sad that that we’ve gone from being a country widely accepted as being liberal to being probably the pettiest country in Europe – had Denmark been a person, we’d be a nagging old woman (which is probably not too strange, seeing as we’re ruled by one).