Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Why live in the world when you can live in your head?

It usually seems slightly suspect when aging Western men marry young Eastern European women and last week was no exception when Donald Trump married Melania Knauss. I'm pretty unbothered about the marriage itself, consenting adults and all, but can I just say that it's a terrible, terrible idea to get married in an haute couture-dress? Haute couture is not clothes, it's art and you should look at it, not wear it. It makes you look like you're trying too hard and a dress like that is going to attract way too much attention away from yourself and you shouldn't want that at your wedding. But maybe there are special rules for people called Melania. I mean, Melania, come on... That's not a name, that's a contry in 90210.

Speaking of silly people
... It's stupid enough to drink and drive, but drinking and driving in your friend's car on the day of a match? Just goes to show (again) that in a sane world, footballers would have been eradicated by evolution long ago... Along with sports journalists and that annoying guy from Johnny Deluxe!

The again, in a sane world, Pia Kjærsgaard wouldn't stand a chance of being elected either.
Go Strid, I say!