Tuesday, January 18, 2005

If I could smile, I'd let you know

You close your eyes for about two seconds and suddenly, half a month has gone by. How does this happen?
It's not pure lack of blogging material, because I could've told you about my New Year's Eve; it was nice, we had roast duck, Bailey's Ice Cream and Spumante and shouted at the guys wearing homemade silly hats whilst peeing on the front wheel of my bike.
Or that I've had this thing lately where it feels like I'm going to faint and then my body thinks "Nah, I don't think I'll bother anyway", but by then my knees will already have buckled a bit so I have to hold on to the edge of the table. It's strange.
I could also tell you that after reading High Fidelity for the umpteenth time, I found my record collection (which I by the way moved to pop.nu) to be so pathetic that I had to go and comfort-shop a lot of albums that I can't really afford; The latest by Dandy Warhols (because for some reason I hadn't gotten 'round to it yet), Car Button Cloth by The Lemonheads (because I love If I Could Talk I'd Tell You), Hot Fuss by The Killers (I didn't like it at first, but it really grows on you) and Interpol's first album (because for some reason I hadn't gotten 'round to it yet). I also bought an Amélie-DVD, because, well, the point of it all was comfort-shopping and if you're not comforted by Amélie, you're pretty sad, aren't you?

I could tell you all of that or I could just say that this is funny and so is this although I disagree when it comes to matching shirts in bands. It looks pretty cool on The Hives, anyway.