Friday, October 29, 2004

You'll never see a finer ship or receive a better tip in your life

It might unnatural that people in musicals smile so much, but really, have you seen those ads for Happyderm?
If you haven't, well, it's moisturizer that claims to make your skin happy, because it has happiness-molecules in it. I'm sorry, but happy skin? I can't be the only one who finds this sort of creepy? It would be like being trapped inside someone else's body, Buffy-style! And happiness-molecules? I'd like to see the chemical formula for that, but I seriously doubt there is one (if it's C16H13ClN2O, you're just cheating).

And speaking of cheating, the American presidential election is coming up next week (just in case you've been living underground for the last couple of months) and this is probably the time where I should go into a tirade about how terrible it is that Danish media gives more coverage to the American election than the one for the European Parliament and why not Panama instead or something, but I won't.
I'd like to say that it was environmental damage, but if I have to be honest (and I do, because, you know, lying is wrong), I've loved any election night since I was 9 and my mother let me stay up late to watch the outcome of the Danish referendum on the Maastricht treaty. So, yeah, come Tuesday and I'll be sitting with a beer in my hand, rooting. It'll be like a football match, except, you know, not lame.

On a slightly less nerdy side, I just bought the latest Interpol album, Antics, and it's brilliant. Like Joy Division you can dance to. Go fetch, all (three) of you.