Monday, September 13, 2004

But he f***ing hates Tinky Winky

Tonight, Danish TV is airing two different shows abut football. The first one is on Zulu and, as I gathered, about rounding up collection of geeks and making them into a proper football team who then, in the end, will play FC Copenhagen (which, really, can’t be that hard, now can it? I mean, they couldn't even beat Randers. Pur-lease!). The other is about the fascist regimes of the 30’s and 40’s using football as propaganda. Like General Franco having Real Madrid as his favourite team and thus causing endless rivalry between them and FC Barcelona. Probably. Footballers and their fans; not just nancy boys, nerds and fascists, too! What’s not to like?

On another football-related note, Danish telly has also started to show the women’s world cup qualifiers (I think). Maybe, from a feminist perspective, I should be happy about this. From a TV viewing perspective, though, it’s just even more of a shite thing. Only this time with pony tails. Oh wait

And don’t you just hate the way these guys say “field goal”? Feel gouwl. Eurgh!