Thursday, August 19, 2004

But I haven't thought of you lately at all

As I am still not blessed with the internet at home (and having a computer but no internet is very much like having a TV without an antennae) I've gone to Copenhagen Central Library who have been nice enough to set up a wireless hotspot on the third floor. Usually, libraries are nice and quiet places, but right now I must say that it's a bit on the dodgy side here. Diagonally across from me is a man who, despite the countless pimples on his back, has decided that, yeah, the world won't mind if he goes topless (a disease that a lot of guys suffer from, I'm afraid. Put some damn clothes on if you're not very near seaside!). But it doesn't stop here. Not only does he smell of pee, he also talks to himself very loudly. At first, I thought he was just talking through a headset, but the guy keeps on shouting out his internet-Jeopardy-answers and repeating his apparent mantra "Insane! Thank you!". I'm trying to convince my brother that his driving test tomorrow is nothing compared to this guy, but the boy doesn't seem to be listening.

Also, earlier on, a quite nifty Italian guy asked me to help him with the internet connection on his laptop, something I had to decline as the Windows was (obviously) in Italian, not one of my stronger sides. But can I just ask; what the hell is a Disco Fisso?!